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Find Great Honeymoon Spots and Locations

People all around the world are looking forward to make occasions special. Be it general annual vacationing or honeymoon trips, foreign exotic locales are always a great attraction. It is for this reason that there are many companies that offer tours to various locales around the world. You can get great honeymoon packages with amazing discounts too.

Popular honeymoon destinations include Caribbean honeymoons, European honeymoons, Hawaii honeymoons, and Asia Honeymoons and South Pacific honeymoons. These are the most sought after great honeymoon spots. You can find all about these trips and places by enquiring at your nearest travel guide company. Or better still, you could just search the net. There are some amazing websites, which provide detailed info about all the beautiful tourist-honeymoon attractions in the world. From when to go, to where to stay, just click through the honeymoon destination guides on the links provided in these websites, and youíll have all the honeymoon answers you need in a jiffy.

When deciding on a honeymoon location, it might be a good idea to consider the tastes of the newlyweds. Furthermore, honeymoon hotspots can change with the changing trends, so keep up to date. Storms and disasters can mar a beautiful location suddenly. Choose your destination based on what you love to do immensely and how you would like to spend your time. Furthermore, the stay and lodgings must be comfortably available.

There is actually a wide variety of places around the world which can be considered as great honeymoon spots. However, we can try and categorise some of the most famous ones and see why they are so popular among couples:

  • Hawaii is known for its amazing coastlines, volcanoes, green forests, native Hawaiian culture, tropical breezes, white sand beaches and spectacular resorts. Hawaii brings a touch of magic, and this makes it one of the most sought after destinations for the honeymoon couples.

  • Mexico is a vast country with an enough variety to accommodate all. Mexico is famous for its posh resorts along the Baja coast, the valley of Oaxaca, which offers a taste of the ancient Mayans, majestic canyons and great shopping destinations. There is hardly anyone who can resist the charm of Mexico and its wonderful vacationing experience and this applies to the honeymooners too!

  • Jamaica is called a land of passion, simply because itís a tropical paradise island. Jamaica is one place to head for if you are looking for non-stop nightlife. Thereís a lush bar scene at every resort and restaurant. If you are a nature lover, take a leisurely bamboo raft trip or explore the mysterious caves and waterfalls that are found in plenty its green forests. One can turn their honeymoon experience into an adventurous one!

  • India is an exotic tourist destination and honeymoon couples can be assured that they would remember their amazing trip forever. India is a mixed baggage of various cultures, beaches, monuments, forests, mountains, valleys, etc. Honey moon couples can spend a peaceful but exciting time once they are India.

  • St. Lucia has a bit of Britain and a bit of France in it. Itís actually known as a nature-lovers paradise because if you are lucky, you can even catch a volcano. There are lots of opportunities for great snorkelling in the clear, blue warm waters. You can melt in the luxury of sipping a cool tropical drink, resting in your hammock. You can walk through a rain forest while viewing the ocean and watch with bated breath the amazing view. It can be termed as a newlywed's ultimate paradise.

  • Bahamas is one place, which is only a short distance to the U.S. mainland. The Bahamas are known to be cosy and beautiful. Over 700 islands make up the Bahamas, with its white-sandy beaches. There are a lot of great hotels to meet your accommodation needs. You can open any window of any hotel and expect to have a sea facing view! You can come to Bahamas just to get the feel of the amazing beaches which are unique and awe inspiring. A perfect honeymoon spot, within a budget too.

  • The Dominican Republic is synonymous with beautiful, affordable island honeymoon destination. Being a large island with heavy tourist attractions, you end up having an awesome time together. There are many all-inclusive packages and hotels that are designed to accommodate honeymoon couples exclusively. So honeymooners can go and get pampered crazy with the most luxurious honeymoon spot.

  • Tahiti is paradise on earth, which cannot be described in words. Choc block with many islands like Bora Bora, Moorea, etc. you can just run riot with your imagination. From its natural beauty to its Polynesian hospitality, there is nothing you would want to do more, then sit back and soak in all the luxuries. Apt for newly wed honeymoon couples to spend some blissful time together.

  • Fiji can put a smile on your faces with its exotic image of white powder beaches with beautiful palm trees, green mountains sweeping to the sea, warm tropical breezes, and lots of secluded resorts scattered among its 300+ islands. What more do a honeymoon couple need to enjoy some quality time together?

  • Italy is one of the top picks for Europe honeymoon locations. People from all over the world crowd to this amazing city of mystic and love. From the Northern Alps and lake country to Rome and the Almalfi Coast, Italy has everything for a romantic and classy honeymoon setting. Honeymoon couples have one thing to worry about though: they may not want to go back once they come to Italy!

Planning a honeymoon spot can never be easy because you have so much to choose from. There has to be a lot of thinking and searching to be done before zeroing in on a particular destination.

Check websites for all inclusive honeymoon packages for even better deals. You may find all inclusive packages in great honeymoon spots to help you fit them in your budget.

If the package includes drinks you need to figure out how much you are going to save on a bar tab drinking all of those fancy drinks on the beach.

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