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Tips for Writing Maid of Honor Speeches

Wedding is the most important occasion in any oneís life. Not only the bride and the groom try to make their wedding as memorable and special as possible but their families also try their level best to make their wedding a memorable one. The brideís sisters and friends also play an important role in the wedding preparations and function. They take all the responsibilities of the brideís shopping, her bridal dress, shoes, and all that. Another very important and special part for the brideís sister, best friend or any girl dearest to her is the maid of honor speech. The bride chooses her sister, best friend or any of her dearest cousins to deliver the honor of speech. So, the person who is given the privilege to make a speech should remember the fact that, the bride has chosen you out of so many girls because she believes that you are the one who knows her the best and can express about her in the best manner.

As the name indicates a maid of honor speech, is basically delivered to give the honor to the bride. The best friend or sister of the bride expresses her true friendship feelings for the bride in the form of words, to let her know how special she is for her and she delivers the speech to let the groom and all the people in the wedding know that how sweet, beautiful and caring the bride is. This speech is considered one of the most beautiful traditions of the Western weddings, since it make the bride feel extraordinarily special and make her realize that how much she is loved by all her family and friends.

If your sister or best friend bride Ėto - be , has chosen you as a maid of honor, then itís very important for you to deliver such a speech, that it makes the bride feel happy and make all the people at the wedding realize that how wonderful person your best friend or sister is . Some of the great tips to make your speech the best and the memorable one are given below.

First comes the writing of the speech. You should right the speech as much casually as possible, donít be formal because formality would certainly make the speech artificial. Moreover, try to make the speech as comprehensive as possible and donít make it too lengthy. Write the speech in such an interesting manner that it doesnít make the people bored but, instead they find the speech so interesting that they would love to hear it till the end. Add some of your memorable moments with the bride to make the speech more natural and sweet.

Donít write a complete emotional speech, because as already the bride would be gloomy, so the emotional speech would surely make her feel cry. The maid of honor speech should be like a tribute to the bride. All the positive qualities and abilities of the bride should be highlighted in the speech. Moreover, if you are her sister you should write about how she was there with you in all your tough times. How she comforted you, helped you and loved you all the way. If you are her best friend, then you should mention that what steps she took to make your friendship stronger and how perfect she was as a best friend.

Add some humor in the speech by adding some funny moments that you had with the bride. This humor touch would not only make the bride smile for sure but the audience would also enjoy it. Adding a short poem for bride, would also be a nice idea.

Though the speech is all about the bride, but it would be really nice and sweet to add something about the groom as well. It would not only make the groom happy but he would also not feel left out, as mostly the speeches are all focused on the bride and there is not even a minor thing about the groom. You can welcome the groom to the new family in the speech, congratulate him for starting a new life with your sister or best friend and you can warn him in a polite and humorous way to take care of the bride always. This small gesture of yours would make the groom feel accepted and welcomed in the new family.

The ending of the speech should be made as memorable and impressive as possible. At the end of the speech always remember to give special regards and credit to the brideís parents. Thank the bride for giving you the privilege to be the maid of honor and giving you the opportunity to share your feelings about her. Moreover, make special prayers, for the newlywed at the end of the speech and wish them a happy and blesses married life ahead and give special regards to the groom.

It is always recommended to prepare for the speech at least once before you actually deliver the speech because, any confusion while delivering the speech at the wedding would simply ruin the charisma of the speech. Therefore, itís better to practice for delivering the speech to avoid any confusion.

If you have been given the privilege to be the maid of honor, then definitely you have to deliver the maid of honor speech. You shouldnít take it casually but you should try to make the speech writing and delivery as impressive as possible because the bride has shown trust on you by choosing you and you should simply respect her trust and give such a speech that it not only impress the audience but even the bride get stunned, amazed and happy by your speech and the moments and things you choose to share about her in the speech. So, follow the tips for writing a maid of honor speech and make the bride feel special and loved and make the wedding occasion more memorable and enchanting with your sweet and love filled maid of honor speech.

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