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6 Fun Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love
wedding favors

So your wedding day is finally coming close and you’re searching for some fun wedding favor ideas that’ll make your guests say - “Wow”. You must be searching for something unique and fascinating - something your guests just won’t forget!

Fun wedding favors and ideas are actually a heritage belonging to the Roman dynasty and thus is always appreciated by the guests. These are the things that actually make the weddings memorable and people keep on talking about these favors even long after weddings. It's always suggested to select the favors according to the personal styling sense of the couple getting married.

We’ve come up with 6 fun wedding favor ideas that are a bit unconventional - but which we’re sure will make your wedding memorable.

A Decks Of Cards With Your Photographs - Everyone loves a game of cards now and then. Years from now people will play cards, look at your pictures on the cards and have fun - because cards are always fun.

Message In A Bottle - Now let’s get a little goofy. What if you took a glass bottle, filled it with sand up to the half way mark and put in a unique “message card” for every guest family? Sounds “mysterious”, doesn’t it…? On that message card, you could tell Joe and Jack how much you appreciated their help at that time of need a year ago… What we are sure of is, this is one gift - your guests won’t forget.

Water Guns - Talking of fun - Is there anything like “too much fun”? A fascinatingly weird, but worthy gift could be a personalized water gun. In fact, if the wedding ambience gets a bit too light, people may start making use of these gifts giving innocent looks right away!

Wedding T-Shirts - A wedding t-shirt with a witty caption and a photo of the wedding couple - could just about top the list of fun wedding favor ideas. Yes, this gift could be a bit on the costly side but then, your guests are actually going to wear it for years. Here’s a cheesy wedding caption that could fit well on that t-shirt.
‘He early on let her know who the boss was. He looked her right in the eye and clearly said, "You're the boss."’

Love Song CDs - A CD with ten of your favorite love songs would have to be one of the most thoughtful yet fun wedding favor ideas. The CD-cover can have a picture of you and your bride. There’s no doubt about the fact that every couple who attends your wedding will fondly remember the big day as they lie relaxed and cozy savoring the beautiful songs you have gifted them.

Fortune Cookies You Make! - We’ve all had fortune cookies at sometime or the other. But wouldn’t it be cool - if you actually removed the “fortune paper” already present and replaced it with something you wrote? It would be fun. Since you already “know” each guest couple, you could write funny stuff that you “know” will happen to them. So there you go. We hope you loved at least some of these suggestions. May you have an unforgettable wedding. And may your guests have the time of their lives with these fun wedding favor ideas!

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