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Wedding Photos can be Fun and Inexpensive

Yes, you did your homework and hired a professional photographer to preserve your wedding memories for a lifetime. He runs around table to table at the reception getting all the best moments on film, or does he? Could some of the best photo opportunities be missed, since he can't be two places at once?

Help is on the way with our digital wedding cameras, which can capture the photo moments and the angles the photographer may have missed. Your guests will be wonderfully entertained by these cameras which allow them to capture the wedding reception photos for you as they see it.

Take pictures at your wedding.

Simply leave a camera on each table with a table tent instruction card letting them know how to use it.

The card reads something like this:
table cards

These cameras can also be used to record memories from the entire wedding process leading up to your big day. It is nice to have a few cameras around at your wedding shower. Photo opportunities are abundant at the bachelorette and bachelor parties. This moment with your close friends should be cherished. Take photos of the dress fittings, the rooms before decorating, the decorating process, and most of all family and friends.

These are some of the most important and life changing days of you will ever have, so don't miss any of them.

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