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Tips on Writing Wedding Invitations
writing invitations

There are moments in life which never return but they live back in our hearts and minds forever. One always wants to make these moments memorable and beautiful and when it comes to the wedding, it surely needs a lot of attention and compassion to make it perfect as it, in any case, will stay in your memories forever. When it is your wedding, it is your day, your big day, and so, everything should be nothing but perfect or at least as much close to perfection as it may get. For having a perfect wedding, it is not only the wedding day that should be perfect, the preparations also need to be perfect as only then it will bring the charm and the correct mood in your wedding day!

Preparations for wedding include many things from shopping for clothes to appointing a wedding planner, from spa appointments to wedding invitations. Wedding invitations are actually one of the very essential elements in a wedding. It is kind of the very first step in your wedding preparations. It is like the announcement of the day of your happiness and the beginning of new life to those who you would like to be a part of that day. If you think so, it is actually where you begin your wedding preparations and so, it needs to be perfect so that it may truly reflect your true happiness to the world.

Wedding invitations are a kind of ritual of wedding in every part of the world. Styles and traditions of weddings may be different but this is one factor that stays the same. Wedding invitations come in various styles and designs. There are new trends and ways of getting your wedding invitations ready.

Different people like different methods and trends of wedding invitations. Every person has his own idea of perfect wedding and so, there is no limit to the ideas when it comes to the invitations for the big day. It actually exhibits the feelings and the style of the person who's getting married.

There is now the trend that people plan their wedding according to a theme. The themes may be like, "spring", "70's", "autumn" or even "fairytale". It all boils down to the choice of the theme as according to the theme as after the theme is decided, only then you will be able to write and print the perfect wedding invitations that will truly portray the correct picture and style of your wedding day. Like, for example, if you have chosen any of the seasons or the eras as your theme then you may do it the following way:

  • Summer. It has been seen that people mostly choose the season of summer to get married. It mostly because of the warmth, beauty and the blooming flowers that attract people to this season. It seems that the nature is happy within itself. So, these things should be a highlight in your card. You can even go for the beach theme as the beach becomes far more attractive in the summer. Even if you are not opting for a beach theme then can always put some blooming flowers, lively colors and the sun, set in your wedding card.

  • Winter. In most parts of the world, winter is considered not the very first choice for wedding, but as said earlier, every person is different, so anyone can want anything. If you are looking forward to have a winter themed wedding then you will have the beauty of snow, the romantic cold weather and the cheerful colors to go with. You may go with the colors like deep green, icy clue and the ruby red, as they may do the wonder for you. You can decorate your card with the snowflakes, mistletoe, snowy lakes or glaciers, or combine all these to form a winter themed wonderland. And now, for the thought about what you are going to write in it, you may write something like, "We invite you to the Winter Wonderland..." or something like that.

  • Autumn. It is one of the hottest favorite times of the year for weddings. If you are planning an autumn themed wedding then you can actually plan a wonderful wedding with magnificent colors in it. You can use, yellow, chocolate brown, light brown, mustard, copper, different shades of red and orange and even a blend of all these. You can write some poetry and throw some maple leaves, color changing leaves or wind patterns in background of the content.

  • Spring. Wedding in springs are also very much common. If you are planning your wedding to be the spring themed wedding then you need to bring cheerful and bright colors to it. You will have to decorate the card with the blooming flowers, butterflies, scattered rose petals or even Easter eggs. The content of the card may go something like this "As the spring knocks our doors, you are invited to witness the true colors of love…"

  • Shakespearean. This idea may belong to a very romantic heart as how much better can it be to have a romantic wedding with the invitation carrying the romantic verses from Shakespeare. You can add the verse " Lace and flowers and vows to make, A bride and groom and wedding and cake, One thing remains before 'I do' an invitation especially for you!" or any other verse that may go through your mind and impress everyone with your invitation cards.

  • Medieval. If you want to go the olden way, then medieval themed wedding is also a good option. You can create an invitation card for medieval themed wedding. If the idea attracts you, you can create a card that may actually look like a royal medieval roll with a stamp and all, and may begin the content with something like "Hear ye, Hear ye!" it will actually put up the whole idea well.

There are yet many ideas that can help you in writing the wedding invitations by using calligraphy or even pastels for hand-drawn wedding cards, but it always is the theme of the wedding and the wishes of the bride and groom that should be reflected through the cards, as it only that matters!

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