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Tips on writing your wedding vows- Touch your partnerís heart!
wedding vows

A wedding is an occasion for much joy and merriment. It is a day that has been anticipated since long with a lot of planning and effort going into it. Itís a day when two people come together with a lot of hope and dreams about the future. A good way to add a very personal and unique touch to your wedding is to decide to write your own wedding vows. It is a very meaningful and beautiful thing to do, making the day all the more special and close to the coupleís hearts. You can work with some tips on writing your wedding vows without too much trouble if you have enough time and can get your feelings about the most important day of your life on paper. The idea is to enjoy the process rather than think of it as a task that is time consuming or draining. It should be an experience that is enjoyable and then the words will flow without any blocks.

a) Discuss with your spouse
The wedding is an occasion when two hearts are coming together. Tips on writing your wedding vows for these momentous occasions are many. As you contemplate sharing the rest of your life with your spouse, writing your own vows is just a beginning to a lifelong journey of love and togetherness. You can talk to your spouse and see what ideas come up. When you both discuss things together, you will find it easier to write and come up with the words for your special day. You can both choose to work on a single wedding vow or individually come up with your own work.

b) Discuss with the officiating person
When you write wedding vows another important person to consider is the one who officiate the ceremony. You can get ideas on how best to frame your vows. If a priest is officiating, then you could discuss the idea of having a Bible quote or some poem that is dear to your partnerís heart as part of the vow. Priests will have years of experience conducting ceremonies and hearing couples declare their love for one another. They may provide tips on writing your wedding vows that may prove very invaluable.

c) Answer important questions together
Tips on writing your wedding vows are many, but you need to start some place. The best place to begin is by sitting down and asking some simple questions to recall all the precious memories that led to the most important day of your life- your wedding. As you answer these questions and recall what was the most important and attractive aspect about each other that brought you together, writing your vows will become all the more easier.

d) Decide on the wording
When working on it, other Tips on writing your wedding vows should also be considered such as how you wish to write it. If you are looking to simply put together something informal and that is what you are both comfortable with then go with it. If you wish to have something more traditional, then consider going with a more formalized way of writing your vows.

e) Talk to others who know you both
While you may have many things that you love about each other, there are certain unique qualities about you as a couple that those close to you would have noticed. Family and friends are a good place to start. It is also a good idea to think of what marriage means to you both and how it will be all the more special sharing your future together.

f) Read other vows
When you have spent enough time contemplating and gathering what it means to belong to each other forever and begin a new life, you can begin to jot down some points. If you are looking to add some more and make it distinctive, you can modify the verses by using some quotes or framing your own sentences after reading vows other couples wrote. Inspiration can also be drawn from love stories, famous pieces of writing and more. It can be vision of your lives together or a prayer for your future and a new beginning.

g) Get it written
When it comes to writing wedding vows, there is no perfect way to do it. What is the best for you may not be good enough for someone else. You can look to some experts in the family or someone outside who has a way with words. The thoughts and ideas can come from the two of you, to frame vows which will touch your heart and soul. Sometimes, no matter how much you read or think, the right words may simply not come to you. In such cases, having someone write what you are trying to express in an eloquent manner will suffice. Itís the thought that counts.

h) Practice it with someone
Once you have the framework and the words in place, you can read it out to a close family member. Itís best to surprise your spouse with it on your wedding day than to practice it with each other. It will be a very touching gesture and will make them fall in love with you all over again! Wouldnít that be nice!

All said and done, when considering various tips on writing your wedding vows, remember that ultimately, it is for one another. You are doing it for no one, but yourself and your partner. Itís once in a lifetime moment of your life and an important one at that. There will always be varying opinions about what is appropriate and what is not. You may be confused about what to include and what not to include. But remember, at the end of the day, the vows are a declaration of your love for one another and a decision to begin a new life together!

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